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ELDH Statement – Fact Finding Mission concerning detained Basque Lawyers in Spain

We have come to Madrid to investigate the circumstances of the arrest and the detention of Basque lawyers who are well known as defence lawyers for Basque activists - or as alleged terrorists, as the prosecutor will say. We are wondering why 12 lawyers from Basque country were  arrested in January, why their...


Keyword(s): Human Rights


ELDH Letter for the release of the Palestinian member of parliament Khalida Jarrar

Letter sent to the Israeli Prime Minister and to the Brigadier General and Judge Advocate General

We demand the immediate release of the Palestinian member of parliament Khalida Jarrar. Mrs. Jarrar, a lawyer and a longtime prisoners’ rights activist and political leader, was arrested in her Ramallah home in the early morning hours of April 2, for violating a military order restricting her movement in the West...



ELDH Protests the Decree of the Cabinet of Turkey to Postpone the Strikes in Metal Industry

Open letter to the Turkish Prime Minister

ELDH is severely concerned to learn that the Turkish Cabinet has postponed, in reality banned, the strikes in the metal industry covering 38 companies that Birleşik Metal-İş partly launched on 29 January 2015 and would start on 19 February 2015 in ten different cities of Turkey.