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Libya: ELDH demands an end to extrajudicial killings

ELDH statement, 9th May 2011

the full statement (pdf)


What started as the defence of the civilians by bombing military targets of the Libyan Army, with a dubious foundation in international law, is now continued by military assaults which seem to have as their aim the destruction of the Libyan Government. The most prominent victim of these actions was according to press articles one of the sons and two grandchildren of the Libyan head of state. The extrajudicial killing of Osama Bin Laden, which must also be condemned, must not serve as an example for the liquidation of other unpopular politicians.

From the start of the civil war in Libya, the ELDH has condemned the brutal oppression of the Libyan population and the crimes committed against it by the Government

ELDH said: “The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (ELDH) unreservedly condemn the brutal repression of democratic mass demonstrations in Libya. Reports of indiscriminate bombing on civilians if true would violate the core principles of humanitarian law.”

ELDH has also expressed its total opposition to any foreign military intervention in this area.

Meanwhile the UN Security Council has by its Resolution 1973 created a basis for the military intervention of several NATO member states in Libya. This is justified by the so called doctrine of “humanitarian intervention” or "responsibility to protect", which has no basis in the UN Charter, and which is a highly controversial attempt to extend the scope of international law. However, the UNSC Resolution permitted the use of force only for the protection of civilians.

No authorization was given for the total destruction of the military infrastructure of the Libyan Government.

No authorization was given for support for the opponents of the Libyan Government in their effort to seize Libyan territory by military force.

No authorization was given for the killing of representatives of the Libyan Government and their families.

No authorization was given for splitting Libya in half.

ELDH demands:

  • An immediate end to all military intervention by NATO states;
  • An immediate end to extrajudicial killings by the involved NATO states;
  • An immediate end to all military actions of the civil war parties;
  • The UN Security Council must emphatically urge the Libyan Government as well as its opponents to settle the conflict by peaceful means which avoid a splitting of Libya;
  • The installation of an independent international Commission by the UN Security Council to investigate the civilian victims in Libya as a result of the civil war, and the military intervention of some NATO states, and the identification of the persons responsible.