ELDH demands the immediate release of CHD lawyers from prison

Since November 2017 Selçuk KOZAĞAÇLI , the president of ÇHD, the Progressive Lawyers Association has been detained in pre-trial solitary confinement in the Silivri prison camp. He is suffering as a result of the isolation. His repeated demands for occasional contact with other prisoners have been rejected. Selçuk...

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Stichwörter: Menschenrechte


Presentation of the Verdict of the Judges of Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Turkey and the Kurds

at the European Parliament, Brussels, 24 May 2018

A session of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal on alleged violations of international law and international humanitarian law by the Turkish Republic and its officials in their relations with the Kurdish people and their organisations took place in Paris, France on 15 and 16 March 2018.

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Konferenzen und andere Aktivitäten

Datum: 01.01.18 bis 31.12.18 | Location: Ankara, Gümüşhane, Istanbul, Munich, Rabat, Kiev

Political trials against lawyers and political activists in Turkey and other countries

ELDH will try to send observers to the following trials

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Datum: 02.11.18 09:30 bis 04.11.18 13:00 | Location: Izmir

International Human Rights Regime in Crisis

Second International Human Rights Academy of the Aegean

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Stichwörter: Türkei